Thursday, November 27, 2008

OMG! It's a Puppy!

Well, it's true, there's a puppy in my house. I've forgotten just how much work having a puppy in the house is. My youngest dog is 3, going on 4 years old.

My dogs are worry free, perfectly house trained. They don't chew on things they're not suppose to. They do what is expected of them. Oh well, yea they may bark at passersby when I'm at work, but that's nothing compared to a puppy that doesn't know what's expected of her.

I only have Noel for one short week (she's a foster), but I'm already wondering, "why?". Why have I done this? Why have I disrupted my canine kingdom's peaceful realm? Sookie, Alissa, Rascal, Rowe-Quinn & Sugar are all wondering, "what the ~~ck?"

Meet Noel:

She's a beautiful, purebred, German Shepherd. Noel is 4-months old and frighteningly thin, spayed female. Her feet are quite large and when she walks on my pergo floor you can practically "hear" her walking.

She's a quick learner, and has all but mastered the doggie door. Now, if she could just understand that it's for going potty outside. She's fussy and doesn't really like the well-used postage stamp yard where she's residing. So, she uses the concrete.

One can only speculate as to her life before being found as a stray on the streets of Austin. She won't let me out of her sight, so crate training is a challenge. Peanut butter in a small kong toy does little to appease her loneliness when she's crated at night and when I have to go to work. It's a good thing though, for she knows little fear and will make someone very loyal and devoted companion.

If you live in the Austin, Texas area, and are looking for a absolutely adorable, smart, loving canine companion, please go to and fill out an adoption application for Noel. Keep in mind she's probably going to be a very large dog and will need a lot of exercise and training.

Here's my girl Sookie warning Noel, "grrrr, I'm not into puppies",