Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wishing For Cooler Weather

Rowe-Quinn was 3 months old when I volunteered to foster him. I really wanted to pick a female from the litter of 3 that were at the founders place. But, something about this boy drew me to him.

It was his face and his personality

This is where he liked to nap in the beginning

He was special from the start

RQ was so good with the younger fosters

He never 'ran' with them though

But he gave them confidence

Taught them

and napped with them
When he was 4 months old I had him x-rayed for hip dysplasia and sure enough. The reason he wasn't running with the pups was the fact that the bones in his hips were malformed and rubbing bone on bone and it hurt.

He's pain free at this time with homeopathy and supplements, daily walks & good raw food. I'm so glad he's with me.

Too Hot To Play Outside

I was looking through my photos for puppy photos of my fabulous five! I don't have any of Sookie or Alissa and Sugar was 2 when she came to live with me. Here's Rascal:

Just a pup when he first came into rescue

It took him at least a year before he trusted me

But slowly he gained confidence

He matured & became elegant
 He still shies from me if I move too fast or if he thinks he's in my path. But funny! Yep he's a goofy boy and I love him.

Friday, August 12, 2011

My Son's Weekend Get Away = Cheezmoe's In 'da House

This evening Cheezmoe found an itty bitty piece of rib bone (cow's rib, not human) in the backyard. She's been gnawing on it for about 15 minutes.

She turned her back for a moment and Rowe-Quinn stole it. Giving Cheezmoe a throaty 'grrrrr' (he's got nothing to back it up, but he is bigger and older).
Surely he'll be giving up soon.....

You let him have it!!

I'm going to pretend not to watch.

He's losing interest I can tell.

Where'd Cheezmoe go?

One more throaty warning from Rowe-Quinn

Thank you Grandma T

I apologize for the doggie bile on the doggie bed. No worries, it's dry and I'll brush it off outside one of these days.