Friday, April 29, 2011

P.S. About Best Friends

I didn't get invited for a second interview at Best Friends. They've hired someone that had already worked in the department/job.

Next time.

I Almost Forgot To Post Quinn's 'After' Photo!

I think he looks terrific, well, except maybe for his tail..I was going for a pompom (I know - duh)I don't know..... I think he looks really good. Don't get me wrong, I love his wooly looks, and gorgeous mane but this is Texas afterall. Sooo hot.

I can hardly wait until I've done this a few more times. Hopefully I will get better at it.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Friday Last

Oh I woke with wonderful feelings for this day. I worked 3 hours and came home to wait for my telephone interview with Best Friends Animal Society. My dream job~Community Animal Assistance Specialist. The call came in and I think it went well. The one question I wasn't prepared for was "what do you know about animal welfare". Ugggh, I answered it so stupid, so stupid I can't even type it here. What I SHOULD have said was, TNR programs, No-Kill initiatives, No More Homeless Pets, etc. I wasn't, I couldn't think, my mind went soooo blank. I've kicked myself for 24 hours and I'm done with that now. I know the odds of getting the 2nd phone interview are probably slim at best. That is, even IF I had answered that question with any brains involved. After the interview, I was going to trim at least two of the dog's hair. I had just bought a brand new pet trimmer (Oster) ~ it was going to be so much fun for ME! Then 3/4 of the way through Rowe-Quinn's cut, I dropped the darn thing!! Dropped it. The blade slipped out and I couldn't put it back together again correctly. I cried, I kicked (not the dogs) my ass for being such a putz. I'm certain now, that was an omen about the job. A sign from the great job gods that that Friday, was just not my day. Not the day I had waited for. ps. Rowe-Quinn looks really good even though I wasn't through with his cut. The photo above is the before.