Friday, December 31, 2010

Cheezmoe Spending New Year's Eve With Family

Rascal After the Battle

Rascal hasn't required much treatment after his altercation with Rowe-Quinn. He has put up with much abuse from RQ. Mostly just RQ acting all "alpha dog" on him.

Spoke to the woman that lives across the alley from my backyard. She heard the fight and did what she could to break it up from the other side of the fence. She finally poured a bucket of water on Rascal & Rowe-Quinn.

I can only imagine how it sounded. Horrific I'm certain. I made the wonderful, full-of-heart woman, a gift basket of candles to thank her for caring about my dogs.

Battle Wounds

Rowe-Quinn and Rascal battled on Monday morning last. RQ got the worst of it as often I told him he would. His ear got the worst of it. His right ear got the worst of it. It's still swollen & quite sore. I was able to wipe is some and applied some plan 'ol ear oil to the inside of the flap. There are tears on his neck a small puncture above his left eye.

With special instructions from a Classic Homeopath I am treating the wounds from home.

He continues to growl at Rascal, foolish boy.