Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Skies Are Quiet

But we do hear the Sandhill Cranes as they fly over.

Sorry I don't have a better camera for capturing photos like this. :(

December Weather

Wow, what a difference a day makes. Yesterday was warm, near 80 degrees. Last night a cold wind blew in from the north bringing strong winds, rain, and colder temperatures.

I was quite glad that I took the time to bathe Sookie and Rowe-Quinn. I bathe them outside because of the mass quantity of hair they shed. Too much for the tub.

I took the photo below on a particularly beautiful & foggy morning. This is Sookie.

I didn't get quite enough sleep last night though. My husband and I retired early & the dogs didn't get they're later trip to the outside. So, at approximately 1:30am ~ Sugar barked to let us know she needed to go out. Well, they ALL wanted to go out. The weather hadn't turned at this point.
I no sooner was back in my warm bed when Sugar barked again. The storm had arrived and as beautiful, charming, & funny Sugar can be ~ she suffers from high anxiety when it comes to thunder, lightning & heavy rain. I opted for the sofa as my husband gets up very early for his commute to work.

We all settled down nicely and listened to the wind howling outside. It was fabulous, but disruptive.