Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Sookie, what can I say? Sookie is the dog everyone hopes to have as a companion. She's in tune with me at all times. We haven't been able to communicate telepathically, but there's really no need.
She can read my mind, and while she's reading my mind, I look into hers.
She's a little thick around the middle, just like me! She's just a little left of center, if you know what I mean? Goofy, Sookie knows when I'm taking myself too seriously. She'll make me laugh when I
think I don't want to.
I can't remember the last time she even remotely misbehaved. When I chose her from kennel after kennel at Animal Control, well she assured me that I had made the absolutely correct choice.
Sookie's traveled all the same roads I have. She hasn't ever left my side. We started here in Austin, Texas. Then I had this "brilliant" idea to move to Minnesota in the dead of winter. Wrong. But she put up with it. I'm pretty sure she was estatic when we came back to Austin, Texas.
...to be continued.

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