Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Own Personal Dog Park

The piece of property is owned by one man that is hardly ever home. The property is fenced and is a wonderful alternative to bicycling with my dogs. They can run, sniff, explore, smell grass, eat Hackberry tree leaves (I'm not sure why they like those, but they do).

Below, just to give you an idea of the size of this yard. It's almost a whole lot sitting on 3 lots.
We don't have grass in our puny yard, so this is really a treat. The only real down-side is there are fleas over here. 
Rowe-Quinn enjoying the grass.
So, I've treated once with diatomaceous earth and will do it again before we go over there again. Sugar especially enjoys exploring the balconies of the uninhabited apartments.

Sugar loves stairs

Rascal and Alissa

Rascal pulling out all the stops

Quinny never really runs-just trots really fast

One more ~ Sookie watching Sugar on the balconey.


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