Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wishing For Cooler Weather

Rowe-Quinn was 3 months old when I volunteered to foster him. I really wanted to pick a female from the litter of 3 that were at the founders place. But, something about this boy drew me to him.

It was his face and his personality

This is where he liked to nap in the beginning

He was special from the start

RQ was so good with the younger fosters

He never 'ran' with them though

But he gave them confidence

Taught them

and napped with them
When he was 4 months old I had him x-rayed for hip dysplasia and sure enough. The reason he wasn't running with the pups was the fact that the bones in his hips were malformed and rubbing bone on bone and it hurt.

He's pain free at this time with homeopathy and supplements, daily walks & good raw food. I'm so glad he's with me.

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