Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm Thinking, OMG, What Am I Doing?

Yes, that is what I was thinking. Still, am thinking. Rock this semi-stoic ship by bringing a puppy into the family! Even though it's temporary, he's a foster, I'm thinking I've made a grave error!

Everyone, meet Jet. How adorable, how sweet... how deceiving a photo can be!
Life in my home is peaceful. I share a very modest 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom duplex with my boyfriend (human) Tim, (canine) Sookie-6 yrs old, Alissa-7 yrs old, Rascal-5 yrs old, Rowe-Quinn-4 yrs old, and Sugar is 8 yrs old! Other than an occasional cat walking past the front room window or a gun shot in the hood, this is a nice life. Not too many surprises.

Now I have a 6-8 week old, highly energetic, slow to tire, German shepherd mix breed puppy. This little guy has no clue about puppy manners, pottying outside, spending the night in a crate let alone walking on a leash, not biting or to go easy on the older dogs of the house.
In that last respect I must give credit to my dogs. None of them, no matter how disturbed they may be by this intruder, has given him anything but a firm parental warning.

I must admit, in his defense, Jet has gotten better about pottying in the house. He's only taken one dump (yes, I said it). But do you know what? Do you have any idea how much human energy it takes for him to accomplish that task? (The pottying outside, not the dump in the house.) Tons. Tons & tons of my energy. I'm zapped. I cry, "why have I done this?" "What was I thinking?"

I'll be adding more to this after my nap.

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