Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jet Is Doing Really Well

Well, Jet is still here with me and mine, but boy-howdy, he's an interesting little chap!

He has been doing his best to learn the basics of the word "no" and "go potty". I was cuddling with him this morning when a had a vision of what his life was like before he ended up at TLAC.

This is what I think. I think he was born to a family that wasn't "expecting" pups from their unaltered female, back-yard dog. These people were able to find homes for most of the pups, but Jet was the most difficult, or maybe it was that he was the cutest? No matter, they couldn't keep him inside the house, that would mean they'd have to train him some. So, he barked. And barked, and barked.

Anyway, he's been spared both the life of a back-yard dog and being dead.

Once I understood this, I was more sympathetic to his needs, more patient, and level headed with his basic training. Jet is a darling.

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