Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rowe-Quinn To The Emergency Vet!!

Anal gland abcess! What the heck is that? No really, I've known about the condition, just never with my dogs! Heck, I just trimmed hind quarter hair last week. I didn't notice his butt licking, which, he'd never really done very much before this. I mean, yea, okay, I noticed once or twice that's why I trimmed him. I thought he had matts so this is why I gave him a trim. He hadn't been particularly sensitive in that area then. Well, that wasn't it.

Friday evening, he was yipping, screaming while outside trying to do his business! He couldn't go!!! So, I tried a warm water and epson salt compress. The gland was so taut and hot to the touch. There was no way he was going to let me try to express it.

So, I checked the funds on my debit card, called to get a quick estimate from the emergency vet clinic, got $100 more from my boyfriend and off we went. Poor Quinn, he thought we were off on a great adventure.

The people at the clinic were quite wonderful. The vet was very sensitive and informative. I also found out that Rowe-Quinn weighs 83 lbs! I think he needs to cut back a little on the dog food, increase his fiber, and exercise more. I've been a little slack with his (and the other's) daily walk.

So, back at the clinic. I had two options; one was he could be anestisized and the lancing, and flushing could take place while he was under. Or, he could be given a pain killer and kept awake. Yes, cost was a factor and so I opted for the pain killer. I really didn't want to leave him there over night. He's my baby and he knows it. OMG, he was crying out like a little terrier puppy! I kept telling myself that, "no way was that Quinny". He's an 80 lb dog for crissakes. Well, then the crying stopped, the vet came out and all would be well. I signed the papers, got his pain meds and antibiotics and at 12:30 am we headed home. He was in pain and tired and I was just tired.

It's Sunday as I write this. He's not eating very much so I blended in some meat juice and green beans with his regular dog food. He has to eat. The incision seems to be healing alright. There's no swelling and the redness has all but disappeared. I believe we are recovering. Rowe and me both.

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