Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rowe-Quinn, The Beginning

In the beginning, Rowe-Quinn had no name. He came from the countryside outside of Austin somewhere. The director of German Shepherd Rescue committed to taking three (photo left, Ossa, Quinn & Rhea) of the GSD mixes, apparently there were a total of six. Mixed with "god only knows" what.

This is a photo of Quinny before he had a name and a bath. He was a happy lug of a puppy. Didn't mind what was going on, just wanted someone to "talk" to! Now, normally I lean toward fostering females. I guess because they aren't quite as obstinate. I knew he was special from the start. He was a thinker, more than a doer. He potty trained in like one day! He never chewed a thing that wasn't meant to be chewed. He never bothered the older dogs in the house.

Like this:

Above is a photo of Alissa in the background, Rowe-Quinn in the middle and Rascal in front looking at the new pup.

To be continued...........

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Lisa said...

Awww.. RQ, you have my heart!