Thursday, February 3, 2011

**New Doggie Dinner Meat Tryout**

Well, I tried venison with my dogs dinner tonight. It really was quite amusing.

Sookie, of course, scarfed hers up without a pause. The others, not so much.

Rowe-Quinn picked it up, tossed it around in his mouth, then dropped it. He did this a number of times before walking away from it. Sookie ate it up.

Now I'm talking about just a sliver of venison steak. No big chunks just a tidbit.
Sugar wanted it, but she just wanted to lick it. If the others came near her she'd pick it up and go to another spot. In fact, I think, she tried to bury it in her sheet that I put down. Silly girl. Sookie ate it up.

Rascal, wasn't sure he liked the smell, but when I held it for him he quickly let it slide down.

Alissa tried to chomp it some, but pushed it out of her mouth when the taste was too much for her. Sookie ate it up.

This is such a trip ~ perhaps they could tell it was old, freezer burned venison.

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