Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rowe-Quinn Is Six Years Old

It was my Rowe-Quinn's 6th birthday on the 24th of February. Six years doesn't seem like very many years, but he's a trip.

From this goofy looking bespectacled little 4 month old pup that cried so hard after being neutered you would have thought they were torturing him.
He's been with me through 2 husbands and we're on my 2nd boyfriend now. He's traveled from Texas to Louisiana and back with Sookie, Alissa, Rascal & me. He was a wonderful puppy sitter.Now he's just a little bit grumpy and picks fights with Rascal who can take him and has caused him considerable pain. But Rowe-Quinn is a great dog that endures his bad hips with Glucosamine, fish oil & baby aspirin. We occasionally try homeopathy to help his own body deal with the deteriorating hip bones. And, it mostly helps. He adores his walks and trots peacefully along side me on my bike. He's been a 'talker' since he first came to live with me and that is always a joy. I'm hoping we have quite a number of years together as he definately has MY heart.

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