Sunday, January 9, 2011

Alissa & The Vet

Although I've been feeding my dogs raw food for only about 4-5 months, they've been doing wonderfully. One of the things I read (thanks Glenda) was that carbohydrates are problematic for anyone (or animal) diagnosed with Epilepsy. Another great reason for feeding my dogs raw meat and meaty bones. I've been able to cut back on her dosage of this (in my opinion) heavy-duty drug.

Alissa needed to see her vet, Dr. Farmer, in order to get her perscription for Epilepsy (phenobarbitol) refilled.
The vet was amazed that we've cut her already 1/3 the dosage perscription into a half of that!

Her general exam went great. They've got an amazing vet tech there named Dwayne, Alissa stopped shaking while his experienced, mature arms were wrapped around her. You see, Alissa is very shy around new people. Very shy. With Dwayne's arms holding her while Dr. Farmer checked her ears, her heartrate, her temperature, etc. she remained calm and comfortable.

I recommend the Animal Medical Center to anyone that is looking for a new veterinarian that is low cost, sensitive, caring, and that has a wonderful staff.

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