Monday, January 17, 2011

Sleep Time Bed Time

It always lends me to wonder about my dogs 'thoughts' when it comes to who sleeps where at night. They know they can sleep on my bed with me or without me there. In fact, I encourage it because it helps to keep the peace. There's no "it's MY spot", "No~I sleep there!" It gives them options of where to lay no matter where I am in this small duplex too.

Sookie was my first dog and I know she feels it's her 'given right' to be closest to me at bedtime. However, she's 'polite' enough to wait until I invite her (this is all strictly my interpretation-anthropomorphizing if you will).
Lately, or since the fight between Rascal & Rowe-Quinn, RQ has been either judging the time or listening to my words & tone when I say, "well guys, I should probably get to bed", or something of that nature. Factoring in, the time of day, activity level in the house (Tim's already gone to bed). Because Rowe-Quinn will rise from any of his usual spots near my computer and make his way to the bedroom to get the spot that will be nearest the upper portion of my body.

He won't budge from this spot, he won't even open his eyes when I have to scootch him over so I have enough room.

He's adorable & my Sookie's such a good sport.

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