Thursday, January 13, 2011

Living With 5 Isn't Always Easy

For the most part, living with my pack of 5 (Seven if you included 2 humans) has been quite peaceful, not serene because there's always someone moving around the house. (Below is Alissa & Rascal)
Since my two boys fought I've had to seperate them when I'm not at home. But other than that, life with them has been good. Rascal usually just backs away and/or submits to Rowe-Quinn's growling and threatening postures. (Rowe-Quinn below)

I've always know that Rascal could hurt RQ if he really wanted to. And... he did. Rowe-Quinn's ear will probably never be the same. I have to wonder though, why does he still growl at Rascal? Why hasn't the alpha status changed? It doesn't appear to have change. RQ still growls and Rascal still avoids.
I'll probably never leave them alone together again.

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