Saturday, January 22, 2011


I usually make a mad dash from work at lunch to let Alissa & Rascal out of the bedroom for a potty break and to just say "hello" to the pack. On Thursday, nothing really unusual about the lunch break.

I walk in the house, I'm greeted by 3 of the 5 dogs. I make my way to the bedroom door, making sure Rowe-Quinn is sitting calmly as to not snarl at Rascal. I ask everyone if they would like a treat ~ well of course it's chicken feet, they crunch so yummygood.

Sookie inhales hers with barely a 'crrrrrunch, crrunch'. Everyone settles in while I check my email. I hear this deep, oh how should I describe; like a soft beat of a drum. No, wait that noise a particular grouse or partridge makes called ~ ah ~ drumming!!!
Sookie's on the loveseat ~ oh gawd, it's so gross, I can make out what she had for breakfast. Remember I mentioned that my dogs are fed raw meat, meaty bones, & organ meat? Ah, yea ~ right on the top, CHICKEN FEET!!! Sookie quickly snags one of the feet and starts to "re-eat" the damn thing!

Outside ~ if you're going to re-ingest your food ~ oh the smell ~ OUTSIDE! Luckily there was a protective sheet on the loveseat so I flung the pile out the back door.

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